Every year towards the end of September, Speed Fest comes to the Coronado Naval Base. An exhilarating auto racing event, gathering, sharing and hanging out at the Military Naval base, exhibiting some of their toys, and open for people to visit and ask general questions.
A top notch navy organization and a great event, where you don't need to be a speed racing aficionado to have a good time.
Racers and owners are there to compete, exhibit and chat with visitors who wish to learn about cars.

The racetrack is set on the runway of air strip. There's an ambiance of joy and patriotism felt all over Naval Air Station. The event features fast-paced thrilling auto racing, as well as vendors exhibitors, assemblage of collectionists, car enthusiasts and a wide variety of racing-related memorabilia.
I found most special the Pre war formula Cars. Seeing how incredibly they are preserved and watch them race, unbelievable!

The image you see here is a still from a Video I created of the event.